exposed: Is It A Scam

What Is

Hello guys how are you. Am sure some of you might have come across, an online estore that offers latest 2020 clothing wear for a small price. Some of you might have already tried to purchase and some might have hesitated to do so because your sixth sense was telling you not to trust the site, you might have been right.We are going to be doing a review on because we strongly believe that this site is a scam. We will get more into details why we believe is a scam right about now.

Age was created on 29-07-2020 which was a few months ago. This proves that the site is new and new sites cannot be trusted.

What happens with new sites

Usually it is the same thing with this scam sites. One of the major issues that are encountered with this scam sites is disappearance. A lot of customers lose their money to this scam sites because once they have received enough orders they disappear. We urge all valued customers to put their trust in sites that have been active for a year or more.

Prices claims to have the latest 2020 clothes but they are giving them for half price. Scammers like to use their prices as a way to attract more visitors to their site. We urge all valued customers to not fall into this trap.

What usually happens when you purchase a product its either they will deliver it to you but it won’t be the same high quality product that you might have ordered or if you are unlucky they will perform credit card fraud.

No Contacts

In their “contact us” section they said they can be reached by an email or cell number, but they might have forgotten to put the number because it is nowhere to be found. This is more reason to why we should not trust

In conclusion is a scam.


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