Subway Rewards Facebook Scam: Is it A Scam

What Is The Subway Rewards Facebook Scam ?


You might have seen an ad on facebook about receiving a gift card. For some it might be a tempting offer but we would like to let you know that the whole thing is a scam. We are going to get more into details why we believe so right about now.



What Is Subway Rewards

It usually comes out with the following information:

“Hello, everyone! I am one of the managers at Subway, and I’ve some fantastic news. Every person who has shared and then commented by 12 PM Thursday will be sent one of these boxes containing a $25 Subway gift card, plus surprises that will make your heart flutter. After visit to validate your entry.” 

Some of these Facebook subway scams usually comes with $50 gift cards ,but we would like to let you know that these scammers are the same because they use the same images of people who are suspected to have been previous winners.


So How Does It Work?

Firstly the company manager does not introduce himself/herself which is one big reason not to trust it. More over they are also a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar found in one of this Subway Rewards Scams.

So you might be asking yourself what will happen if you click the link.

Well its simple, its the same thing with these Facebook scams. Firstly they will lend you to a page where you are asked to drop all your details in order to be validated. Being validated simply means giving them all your personal details threw a form you get. What you are simply doing is giving income to these scammers because they then get paid threw commission for every form that gets signed.



How You Can Avoid It

You need to be aware because this Subway scammers likes to use other big brands like McDonald’s and Burger King to attract more visitors to their site. Please be aware because not only will you be just paying them. For some it is because they want to get your bank card details so that they can perform credit card fraud and for some it might be just to make you download an app. Either way, we urge everyone to stay alert of these scams or any other that might surface later.

In conclusion

The Subway Rewards Facebook Scam had been floating around the net and it should be avoided .




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