surprise message review : Is it a scam?

After receiving a message from which is saying that there’s a surprise message when you follow the given link , most people were left with a lot of questions and wondering if they should click the link. We understand the hesitation and the questions because many a times people are often scammed once they follow these messages. A lot of scammers made these kind of messages just to have you give your personal and financial details so already most people have trust issues and it’s understandable that you need clarity on this message. Well this review is here to give you the clarity you need and deserve.

About the message

This secret message is not really targeting any specific people but it has been circulating on social media and even those who use texts have been receiving this message from friends and family. When you click on the link you’re then directed to a page where you receive the “secret message”. In the name of festive season the message is either “merry Christmas” or ” happy new year” or both messages if you’re lucky. The don’t require much of your details just your full name so that the “secret” message can be customised and directed to you. No financial details required not address required. This is a way to make people feel special. This festive season people will do anything special for others to feel loved and appreciated. Some will make Christmas songs, some will make pictures,some will make videos and some will send the secret message. This is all done with pure intentions nothing risky or shady.

Is it a scam?

There is really nothing suspicious or strange about the message. After going through the website we noticed no scam signs and no links to other multiple scam sites that send people these types of messages. It’s not a scam that you should worry about.

Final verdict

Like we said this message is not being sent to people so that they can scammed or duped but it’s being sent in good faith just to wish you well during this festive season. Our conclusion was that the owner of this website and the reason why the message is circulating is to get more people visit the website and get adverts on his site this will make him ran money just by getting more people to see these ads when they visit the website.

Its certainly not a way to trick anyone but if you however feel like you’ll be tricked in any way you’re free to delete the message before clicking on the link. Many people have been scammed by clicking on these links so we understand their fears and concerns. But let it be known to you that there is no dubious activities being done by this site.

If you’ve ever received this message please do let us know about your experience with this message are the link for confirmation and clarification to those who have doubts concerning this message. Good luck to you all. Merry Christmas.

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