Temptlife.com review : Scam or legit?

What is temptlife.com

Templife.com is a new online store that has recently been asked about. He site is commonly known for their claim to be selling cashmere leggings and other products and also for selling cheap items like all items on he site are being sold at promotional prices which are about 50% off the genuine price.

Well you don’t want to rush and buy from them guys because there is no doubt that there are a scam. We have  managed to put down a number of reasons why this online store cannot be trusted and we hope you won’t be buying from them without considering these scam signs.


Red flags

A couple of weeks agonwe tried to access the site and at the time it was off the web completely. It has disappeared and scams do this all the time. They disappear when they feel they have scammed enough people and there is no guarantee that this sote won’t be disappearing again this time for good so be careful.


We also checked the fate on which the site was created and it was made in June 2020 which is still quite too new to be true. As we have already discussed the prices go as little as 50% off the real prices from legit sites and whoever people we this they get suspicious  and some how still to just in case it is legit.


Well it really isn’t legit, there already we comments from people that have bought from them and haven’t received their items.


Scan or legit?

This site is a fake and fraudulent online store. They are not a genuine cashmere site or anything but just scammers who are interested in stealing people’s  money. Once they have he money they might just abandon the site or they will simply disappear and never come back. If you have been scammed or have more qiesyions regarding cashmere.com please leave a comment.

Good luck


  1. Alan Turner says:

    We did receive our merchandise but did take longer than expected and they did respond to all my inquiries. We wasn’t unhappy with our order and was thinking about ordering something else but will wait to see if the site stays up before proceeding.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I waited over 2 months for my “cashmere leggings”. When they finally arrived the material was not as described, and their size L is more like a US women’s size S. When I contacted them to return the leggings for a full refund they offered me $3. THIS IS A SCAM, DO NOT BUY FROM TEMPTLIFE.

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