review : scam exposed

Just as we are approaching Christmas day in this festive season most people are busy preparing for the big day so going to the shops to present and other things is something not everyone is keen to do so ordering online is the perfect way to balance time and save energy. Scammers are also taking advantage of this season as most people are spending bonuses and buying gifts so it’s most likely to get more victims during this time.

About the store is a very new online store that is selling a variety of things from home furniture to electrical appliances. You can get just about anything from this store. This review has been made to warn most people who are thinking of buying from this online store after hearing from other people who have already had an encounter with this store they had nothing but negative remarks regarding this store. After visiting the website we noted a number of red flags that indicated that it’s totally a scam site.

Signs indicating that it’s a scam

Age of the online store was registered and launched on the 16th of December 2020 according to information. This store is too new to be trusted. You can only start to trust an online store that is 6 months old.


Prices are usually what captures the potential buyers and most scammers know exactly how to make the prices as tempting as possible. That’s the same case when it comes to this online store. There are unrealisticallly low prices which are obviously too good to be true.

Contact details

The number on the website doesn’t go through. It’s a fake number. The physical address given which is 1900 Rochester AVE, Ontario CA 91761 US is not in relation with this online store there actually other business store there but there’s no themazshop.

Website security

This website isn’t secured so your financial and personal details are most likely to be stolen once you’ve entered them on the website.

Themazshop.coms content provided is similar to multiple scam sites such as sportcentral, OnHomeDepot, MaritaHome, HomeDepotMall etc. They’ve a lot of things on common.

The index of the online store is pretty low and w well accompanied by plenty of negative feedback fr early customers. The website was created in a haphazard way, there are so many empty pages and categories. This is all shady.

Clearly you can see the unreasonably low prices are the main baits they’re using to get more people ordering from their sites. The fake details only mean one thing only legit stores would be transparent enough to give their correct full contact details and address. The negative remarks made by customers who have already bought from them can not be ignored. Also looking at the security of the website you’d realize that legit stores would want your personal details and financial details to be secured at all cost.
There isn’t much information regarding the stores personal information in the “About Us” section. Why would they be s secretive?


My conclusion is that this store is nothing but a scam. They’ll have you fooled by deducting more money from your account and not delivering your order or delivery counterfeit goods. Alot of people have been duped in one of the two ways and we wouldn’t want you to be one of them. Stay woke.

But if you’ve however had an encounter with this online store already please do let us know about your experience with them by leaving a comment below. If you also know someone who is obsessed with online buying please do share with them this article and save them too. Good luck.

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