Review: Scam or not?


Is a scam? Is it not? Many people have been asking this question. This site is an indian online shopping site that has scammed a number of people.I hope this review will help you to save your money by staying away from this site.

Scam signs

Most of the products on are sold at more than 50% off and all the products are on sale. This raises questions as to how it benefits from having all its products on sale. I think the answer is clear and you can see is not to be trusted. sells its items mainly for Indians around India.There are some people who have made purchases on and their end of the transaction was never fufilled. The items they purchased were never delivered to them. Be alert and do not fall into this online trap. has no contact details on its site. This is one of the most common scam signs. How do they want their customers to contact them? Well i think they dont want them to . Why not? Because they know they are not a legit site so do not be scammed by has however provided an email address on their site, but guess what? It is fake. This is not surprising at all, it just gives you more reasons not to trust this site.



To answer the question is a scam or not, i say it is. Do not be a victim of if you have not shopped at this site. Comments on the indian online shopping site will be appreciated on this review.

Good luck.

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