review : Is it a scam?

If you are one of the many people that have come across recently I’m sure you also this one questions in mind. Is a scam? Well many other people have the same question but truly it isn’t hard to tell under normal circumstances but as for now it may be a little tricky and a lot of people may fall for a lot of scam because we as just close to black Friday and unrealistic fake prices will just be handed to people in the name of black Friday deals. Well Black Friday isn’t here yet and all we have is a bunch of scam sites as you shall see in this  review.


Why you shouldn’t buy from

In other words hear are just scam signs or red flags to keep you away from which as you already suspect is a scam. claims to be selling items at Black Friday prices when it isn’t even Black Friday yet and also at prices which are just way too good to be true even for Black Friday.

These prices are unrealistic and the site itself is not trustworthy. Imagine an item that costs $370 and they as selling it for as little as $19. They also use a fake number and fake address to hide their true identoty so you will never really know who they are and will never be able to contact them on a call or in person.

The site is also till too new to be trusted and according to their whois registry details or was created on 23 July 2020.


Verdict is just a sote hat was created with an intention of scamming people and they are doing just that. Don’t be manipulated by fake promotions and to good prices these are just a trap to lure you in. If you have been scammed by the please share in the comments section and we will get back to you.

Good luck


  1. shua jack says:

    The site is a SCAM! The phone number provided is disconnected, they don’t answer emails. Within MINUTES of making a purchase I got charged for an unauthorized transaction on a site FOR MAGAZINE subscriptions. The invoice I received from the site was made to a clothing company called AOJAMES. Never received confirmation of my order. Had to cancel my credit card who verified the unauthorized transaction. sO BUYER BEWARE! if the price is ridiculously low, it’s a scam!

  2. ROWENA says:

    Hi, Am one of the d victims of twogt life. Can I get back the money that I paid for? Thank you for your response.

    1. admin says:

      Hie Rowena. So Sorry for your experience. As for getting back your money it may vary. Some people do some don’t but nothing can be promised.

      All you can do is contact your bank and they may be able to assist to reverse the fraudulent transaction or PayPal if that is what you used.

  3. Eric says:

    I, also ordered from this site, received no product and had 3 unapproved charges on my credit card.I disputed the charges and cancelled my credit card. This site is a scam and should be shut down by cloudflare which is the company hosting it. BUYER BEWARE !

  4. Kemisha says:

    I believe it is a scam too. Bought items from them no confirmation. The number is not in service. Nothing!!! This webpage needs to be removed

  5. Daniel Ferguson says:

    yea I too ordered from this site, good thing it was only for $0.99 plus shipping = $3.89

    1. Daniel Ferguson says:

      looks like what I paid for didn’t get taken off my card after I called to see about this order

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