review : Scam or legit

What is

Hello guys how are you, will be doing a review on believe that this site is a scam for a number of reasons which we will dig into right about now.

We had to do some research on this site and we found out that this site is just two month old.This site was created on 02-08-2020.

More over we had to look at the products they are selling and the prices they have are overwhelming and suspicious because they are way too good to be true,not mention that their contact details that they used to register are not even working this definitely brings us to the conclusion that this site can’t be trusted at all.

Why Not Trust New Sites

New sites cannot be trusted we urge valued customer to at least visit sites that are 1 year old or more .The danger in using this new sites like is they don’t have a garrantee on how long they are going to be operational. You could wake to see that their website is gone.

More over their site only has a one year registration.You can get all this details about the site on


Their Prices Too Good to be true

We had to check the same products they are selling on other trusted sites like eBay and amazon and the cheapest product is going for around $980 which cheapest you can get. Looking at our site the price range is from $80 to $99 which is way too good to be true.

It seems they might be using the prices to lure customers in,more over they only seem to be selling the same kind of products which seem to have been cloned many times. They didn’t even put much more effort into covering their tracks.

In a nutshell

We believe ukbestore. com is scam

Ukbestore is a scam and if you want more information about this site’s registration details you can click this link

If you have been scammed by the online store or have had some experience with them please let us know.

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