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As each day passes by, new scammers are emerging, new scams are being crafted and a lot of individuals are being scammed globally. This has pushed us to work tirelessly too in order to expose these scammers. If you have heard about or been at, you must have some burning questions about it. You may want to know if it is a scam or not, if it can be trusted or not. Well, read through this review to find out more about

Now let us take a look at what is and what they are all about.

What is is an online shopping store that is from India. This online focuses mainly on selling Indian women’s clothing, that is, sarees, kurtis and lehengas. This Indian store has raised a lot of suspicions amongst online shoppers.


Now let us take a look at the reasons why we believe is a scam

Scam signs shown by’s date of creation

Scammers have developed a strategy for them not to get caught. They create new websites and use them to scam people for some time. When their scam has become known, they close the website and it disappears. So generally, it is not wise to trust new websites with your online shopping because you do not know if they are trustworthy yet. is one of the new websites. The domain name for was created on the 10th of August 2020. You may have to be patient enough to see if the site will still exist years from now before you shop there. Give them time to create a good reputation for themselves whilst you shop at well known and trusted online stores.’s prices

Another common scam sign shown by phishing websites is very low prices tagged on their items. sells its items at up to 70% discount on all collections. Considering that they are still new to the online business, how are they affording these prices? I think by taking money for goods they never send or over charging credit cards. There is a beautiful designer party wear embroidered lehenga which is being sold at Rs 499.00 instead of Rs3 120.00. This is just too good to be true, do not let it fool you.’s contact details provides only an e-mail address on their page for contact. The e-mail address is They do not provide any physical address or phone call number. This is very suspicious as it implies that is hiding something from its buyers.’s social media icons

When you click the social media icons on, you would expect them to take you to their social media page. Instead these social media icons will just bring you back to the homepage of’s website. This is just too sketchy, is not to be trusted.




Final Verdict has shown a number of scam signs and given us reasons not to trust it. If you have not yet been scammed by them, stay away from their store. If you have been scammed, please share with us your experiences and views concerning this review on

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