Walktrendyshoes.com exposed:Is It A scam

What Is Walktrendyshoes.com

 Hello guys how are you , welcome to our review on Walktrendyshoes.com. We believe Walktrendyshoes.com might be a scam for a number of reasons that we are going to get into more details right about now.


The prices on this site are too good to be true. Scammers turn to use prices as a way of attracting more visitors to their site.We urge everyone to be aware of this site as their prices might be tempting but we want to let everyone know that sometimes this scammers , offer low prices for high quality products as way of attracting more visitora to their site and that is why Walktrendyshoes.com can’t be trusted.


The site was created on 01-05-2020 which was a few months ago. You can get this information on whois.icann.org.

When you scroll down below on their site you will see they are claiming to have been active since 2017 but when you check their registration information  it is saying they were active five months which does not make sense. This is another  reason why Walktrendyshoes.com cannot be trusted.

What usually happens when you try to purchase a product on a site like this its either they will deliver your product but it won’t be a good quality product or they will get your bank card details and disappear like what othet scam sites have been  doing.

Furthermore the fact that this site was created on 01-05-2020 shows us that this site is new and new sites they can’t be trusted. We urge everyone to put their trust in sites that have been active for atleats one year. The age of the site is also another reason why we believe Walktrendyshoes.com is a scam.

Social Media

More over their social media links are not working. This is another sign that Walktrendyshoes.com might be a scam.When you try to access their social media platforms the link  redirects you to a blankpage which clearly shows they have no social media and this is a way of making their site look legit.

In conclusion

Walktrendyshoes.com is a scam.

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