What Gracige.com:Scam Or Legit

What Is Gracige.com

Hello guys, we are going to be doing a review on Gracige.com because we believe this site might be a scam. We are going to get into more details why we believe so.


Gracige.com was created on 19-06-2020 which is a few months ago. This information you can get it on whois.icann.org .This is another reason why we believe Gracige.com might be a scam. Sites that are a year old can only be trusted but as for this site it was created few months ago meaning they can’t be trusted.

Gracige.com is going to expire on 19-06-2021. This also gives us a sign that Gracige.com has no further plans for next year so definitely they can’t be trusted.


The prices on Gracige.com are too good to be true. This scammers always use their prices as a way of attracting more visitors on their page. The fact that they are offering high quality products for less clearly shows that it a scam and especially for a site that has just started they sure don’t want to make profit.

Contact Details

The only way you can access them is threw their customer service email address and there is no phone number available to call. A legit site should have atleast a cell number you could use to contact them.

Furthermore they did not put their address on the site which means their location is unknown. We urge all valued customers to stay away from sites that might have this same similarities.

What Happens If You Buy A Product On A Scam Site

These scam sites usually have one goal and that is to get your credit card details. This can be done when you put in your bank details when you want to purchase  something on their site. They can use prices as away of attracting you to punch in your details.

In conclusion

Gracige.com is a scam

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