What Is 4youcollection.com: Is It A Scam

What Is 4youcollection.com


Hello guys how are you. We are going to be doing a review on 4youcollection.com because we think this site might be a scam and it can’t be trusted. Some of you might have come across this site and you were wondering if it was legit.

This site cannot be trusted becauase it has the same characteristics that are found of a fake site. We are going to get more into detail while we believe the site might be a scam right about now.


4youcollection.com was created on 01-10-2020 which was a few weeks ago. This proves that this site is new. New sites therefore cannot be trusted. Note that not all new sites are fake, its just that you have a higher probability of mixing up with this scammers. That is why we recommend all valued customers to put their trust in sites that have been active atleast for a year or more. Therefore 4youcollection.com cannot be trusted.



They always use the “Price” to attract their victims. Do not fall for the 75% off trap. That one is a trap to get into your pocket. For a site that was created few weeks ago they are already giving 75% off. This is one of the signs why this site cannot be trusted.

What usually happens when you visit this scam sites, when you like something and you find it at a cheap price you will be attempted to purchase it. When you make an order, they will get your bank details, most of the time they then disappear.



In conclusion

When you scroll down on the site it is written “© COPYRIGHT 2019” but the sites was created a few weeks ago. This is more reason why this site should not be trusted.

In a nutshell 4youcollection.com cannot be trusted because the site is  still new and they are also lying about how long they have been operational.


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