What Is Bmaxvigil.com:Real Or Fake

What Is Bmaxvigil.com

Hello guys welcome to our review on bmaxvigil.com. Some of you might have visited this site and you might have wanted to purchase something but you were not sure if you could trust the site. We are going to get more into details why we believe Bmaxvigil.com might be a scam.




This site was created on 23-09-2020. This suggest that the site is still new since it was created a few months ago. Therefore new sites cannot be trusted because they can disappear at anytime and some of you might still be in pending orders.

This is how the majority end up losing their money. Some of you might have tried to perform a transaction, usually you never get any confirmation from this sites about your order.

However not all new sites can turn out to be scams its just that you have a higher probability of running into this scammers and they are  usually found in this new sites. So we urge all valued customers to trust atleast sites that have been operating for a year or more.




The prices on the sites are way too good to be true. Usually this scammers love to use their prices to attract more visitors to their site. Don’t fall for the trap. This is how many  fall this, when you try to purchase something that is when they will get all of your banks details. Their main goal is to perform credit card fraud. We urge all valued customers to stay aware of this site because it cannot be trusted.




There is no cell number or physical address. The only way you can access them is threw a no reply email. You can’t trust a site that  hides its own social media pages.


In a nutshell Bmaxvigil.com cannot be trusted at all.


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