What is Butterflyladyy.com

Hello, have you been wondering if butterflylady.com is a legit shopping website or not? A lot of other buyers have been asking that same question. Is butterflyladyy.com a scam? Read through this review to find out.

Due to the increasing alarming rate of online scammers and fraudsters emerging, it is advisable to first do a little bit of research on a store before shopping there. If you have already been scammed, i hope this review will help you get awareness on the common scam signs you should watch out for the next time you want to shop. If you have not been scammed this is your chance to stay alert and away from scammers.

Now let us take a look at what butterflyladyy.com is and what they are all about

What is butterflyladyy.com?

butterflyladyy.com is an online shpping store that focuses on selling women’s clothing. It sells designer clothes, shoes and different accessories. The store butterflyladyy.com has become popular mostly in the United States. Butterflyladyy.com is an online shopping site that we have taken intrest in because of the scam signs it is showing and complaints from a number of buyers.

Now let us take a look at the reasons why we think butterflyladyy.com may be a scam

Scam signs

butterflyladyy.com store creation date

The online store, butterflyladyy.com is still too new to be trusted. Since the store is new it means we barely know the way it works, if they are honest, if they have good customer service, in short we have very little knowledge on the company. According to butterflyladyy.com’s whois details, their domain name was created on the 26th of May 2020. I am sure you would not want to put your money at risk by trusting a new website. The choice  yours.

butterflyladyy.com store’s prices 

The items sold at butterflyladyy.com have prices that are too good to be true. Many people fall into these shopping scams because of these appealing prices. An example of this is a women’s butterfly printed cotton and linen shirt that is sold at a ridiculously reduced price of $23.99 USD instead of $63.60 USD. Stay alert, these low prices are a serious scam sign.

butterflyladyy.com’s contact details

An online store should provide a physical address, a return address if they are separate, an e-mail, a phone call number and a contact name. butterflyladyy.com only provides an e-mail address which is support@butterflyladyy.com. There are no other details which leads us into thinking butterflyladyy.com is hiding something.






butterflyladyy.com’s owner is unknown, so it will be difficult for you to sue for your stolen money. Butterflyladyy.com is not trustworthy. Please share with us your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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