What Is Ekptei.com:Real Or Fake

What Is Ekptei.com

Cyber Theft

Hello guys how are you, welcome to our review on Ekptei.com. We strongly believe this site might be a scam for a number of reasons which we are going to get into right about now.




Some of you might have tried to access this site, and the page is telling you that this site cannot be trusted. The fact that the site itself looks dodgy gives us a clear sign that this site cannot be trusted and therefore it means that this site is a scam.

By looking at its Domain you can actually see that there is nothing except for the order icon.We urge all valued customers not to trust this site because it is a scam site.




Ekptei.com was created on 31-07-2020 and you can get this information on whois.icann.org

The fact that this site is a few months old shows us that the site is still new and new sites cannot be trusted for a number of reasons one of them being, they could disappear at any time especially this one Ekptei.com.

We urge all valued customers to trust sites that have been active atleast for a year or more. This is also one of the reasons why we strongly believe that Ekptei.com is a scam site.



No Details

A legit site should atleats have cell number and an address. With this site we hardly have any e-mail address. This is a strong indication that this site is a scam.

The question now is who can you contact if something goes wrong with your orders. We hope you also help spread awareness of this scam site.




The prices on their sites are too good to be true.Scammers like to use prices as a way to attract more customers but their main goal is to get your bank card details when you try to purchase a product.

In conclusion

Ekptei.com is a scam.


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