What Is Fjksufa.com:Scam Or Legit

What Is Fjksufa.com

Hello guys how are you. Welcome to our review on Fjksufa.com, we have reason to believe that Fjksufa.com might be a scam. Some of you might have visited this site and you were not sure if this site can be trusted. It is quite normal to suspect this sites as they can look suspicious at time especially this one in particular Fjksufa.com. We are going to get more into detail why we believe Fjksufa.com might be a scam right about now.


Fjksufa.com was created on 22-09-2020 which is a few months ago. This proves that this site is still new , which is more reason why this site cannot be trusted.

What usually happens with new sites is that they can disappear at anytime. This does not provide safety for the customer because you could lose both your money and the product you wanted to order at the same time.

Note that not all new sites can turn out to be scams but this can only increase your chances of running into this Scammers. We urge all valued customers to stay aware of this scammers and trust sites that have been  active atleast for a year or more.




The prices on this site are too good to be true. The site is just a few weeks old and they are already giving their products at lower cost, this is dodgy. This scammers like to use their prices to attract more visitors to their site because noone wants to turn down a good deal. We urge all valued customers not to fall for this traps because their main agenda is to get your credit card details and eventually perform credit card fraud.



No Contacts

The only way you can access them is through an email. There are no contacts or physical address. More so this is why Fjksufa.com cannot be trusted at all.

In conclusionFjksufa.com should not be trusted because it is a scam site.

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