What Is Frenzzcollection : Scam Or Legit

What Is Frenzzcollection.com

Hello guys how are you. Welcome to our review on Frenzzcollection.com. We have reason to believe that this site might be a scam. Some of you might have visited this site before and you were wondering whether if this site could be trusted or not. Fake sites are created almost everytime, so it is completely normal to suspect some of this sites if they start to act suspicious. We are going to get more into details why we believe this site might be a scam right about now.




If you scroll down below on this site you will see that it is saying that they started operating in 2019 but the problem is that if you check the date when this site was created on whois.icann.org you will see it was created on 28-10-2020. This shows that this site lied about how long they have been active. This site is a few weeks old, so it shouldn’t be trusted. New sites cannot be trusted because they can disappear at anytime.

However you need to understand that not all new sites turn out to be scams but its just that you have a higher chance of running into this fraudsters.





The prices on this site are too good to be true. They are giving 75% of on all of their products. This sounds too good to be true. You have to understand that this scammers love to use price and promotions to attract more visitors to their site. Don’t not trust this site because it might be a scam.



In conclusion

We strongly believe that this site is a scam because not only are they lying about how long they have been operating, their social media links are not working when you try to access them they are redirecting to you back to their page.

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  1. Anil Mishra says:

    Yes frenzzcollaction is scam website. They disappeared at this time when I’m this comment posted. I lost 1000 rupees.

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