What is Gyuluji.com:Scam or Legit

What is Gyuluji.com:Is  it a Scam ?

Hello guys welcome to our review on Gyuluji.com. We believe Gyuluji.com should not be trusted for a number of reasons that we are going to get into right about now.

The Age of the site

Gyuluji.com was created on 09-09-2020.(You can get this information on whois.icann.org).This site is only a month old, New sites cannot be trusted especially this one Gyuluji.com.

I urge all valued customers to put their  trust in sites that are at least 1 year old. Gyuluji.com was recently created and their site registration is going to expire on 09-09-2021. The question is what are their plans after that.Its simple, they will be gone because this scam sites never last more than a year.

Social media links Not working

We tried their social media links to see their page ,all of them are not working starting from their Facebook page to their Instagram. This is also another sign that shows us that Gyuluji.com might is a scam.

Scam sites turn to use fake social media links to make you believe that they can be easily accessible.In addition ,their contact details that they used to register is not working which is also another confirmation that Gyuluji.com is a scam.

Further more, they also didn’t put the address on their site in which this leaves us not knowing their location or their factories . Sites with no addresses or contact details cannot be trusted.


Even though some prices looks fair enough some of their products are way too cheap especially for a site that has just started it seems like its a way of attracting more visitors on their site.

Further more ,the only payment method that they are accepting is visa, This gives us a clear indication that they are only after your bank details.

In conclusion

Gyuluji.com is a scam.


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