What Is Markdownmarvin.com : Scam Or Legit

What Is Markdownmarvin.com

Hello guys how are you welcome to our review on Markdownmarvin.com. We have reason to believe that this site might be a scam. Some of you might have visited this site before and you were wondering whether if this site could be trusted or not. Fake sites are being created almost everytime, so it is completely normal to suspect some of this sites when they start to look suspicious. We are going to get more into details why we believe Markdownmarvin.com might be a scam right about now.






When you scroll down below, you will see that the site was created in 2020 and this proves that this site is still new. New sites cannot be trusted because they can disappear at anytime. This is how many lose their money to these scammers. We urge all valued customers to put their trust in sites that have been active for a year or more.

However note that not all new sites turn out to be scams but its just that you have a higher chance of running into these scammers. 




Their prices are unrealistic and also the products they are selling are not even out yet. Though they are saying they will be preorders for those certain products. The question is where are they getting all this Sony products that even Sony says are not even out yet.

This raises suspicion to what this guys might be  upto. We urge all valued customers to stay aware of such sites especially this one.



In conclusion

Markdownmarvin.com cannot be trusted because this site might be a scam. This is because this site is still new and new sites cannot be trusted since they can disappear at anytime. More over they also seem to be selling high quality products that are not even out yet.

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