What Is Newwaylives.com: Scam Or Not

What Is Newwaylives.com


Hello guys how are you welcome to our review on Newwaylives.com. We believe that this site might be a scam. Some might have come across this site but you didn’t know if it was a scam or legit. We are going to share with you reasons why we believe this site might be a scam site.




Newwaylives.com was created on  28-08-2020 which is as few months ago. This proves that this site is new and it cannot be trusted. Reason being new sites can disappear at anytime. We urge all valued customers to trust sites that have been working atleast for a year or more.

Note that not all new sites turn out to be scams how ever you have a higher chance of running into this fraudsters. We advice all valued customers to stay aware of this new sites.


The prices on this site are too good to be true. No one wants to turn down a good deal. But sometimes when something is too good to be true then it is. This scammers like to use  prices on their site to attract more visitors.

What usually happens when you make a purchase some never receive the confirmation order about their purchase. This is when they get your bank card details. They use  your details either to purchase products online or to take all your money in your account. You should stay aware and if you have experienced the sane thing, help spread awareness about this site.



The only way to reach them is threw an email. They did not share much of their information which means that they are hiding something. Surely they don’t want to be identified.

In a nutshell we believe that newwaylive.com  is a scam and it should not be trusted.


  1. gramma nona says:

    i saw their advertisement on Instagram and decided to order the hair product. It’s been over 7 weeks and I still have not received my order and they got their money!!!!! DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! now i’m having a hard time trying to get my money back!!!!!! DON’T ORDER FROM THEM!!! SCAMMERS

  2. naomi Sawyer says:

    I purchased a Ceramic hair steamer they took my money from my credit card and sent a mini flatiron that cost a less then $8 dollars . SCAMMERS!!!!

    1. Trinita Shade says:

      It has been 3 moths and I have not received my Ceramic Hair steamer which was on sale for $24 and they took over $40 from my account and stated it was taxes and they will refund the money but I haven’t received anything!!!!SCAM!!!!

  3. Monnie clark says:

    I ordered a flat iron in September and still didn’t receive it. When I contacted them them blamed it on the shipping and told me I can’t get my money back this site is a scam

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