What Is Oricoriginal.com: Scam Or Legit

What Oricoriginal.com

Hello guys welcome to our review on Oricoriginal.com. We have reason to believe that Oricoriginal.com might be a scam. Some of you might have visited the site and you were wondering whether the site could be trusted or not. It is quite normal to suspect these sites since scammers are creating these scam sites almost every time. We urge all valued customers to stay aware of  Oricoriginal.com. We are going to get more into details why we believe Oricoriginal.co. might be a scam right about now.



The Site Is Still New

Oricoriginal.com was created on 24-08-2020 which is a few months ago. This therefore proves that Oricoriginal.com is still a new site so it cannot be trusted.

What usually happens with this new sites is that they can disappear at anytime and some of you  might still be stuck in pending orders and that is how many end up losing their money and products.

Note that not all new sites turn up to be scams but it’s just that you will only have a higher chance of running into these scammers when you surfing on these new sites.




The only way you can access them is through their email. They do not have a cell number or a physical address. This means that they can’t be accessed right away if something goes wrong with you order. No one should trust a site with these important details missing from their site.



The Worst That Could Happen

The main goal for this scammers is to get your credit card details. These can happen through the manipulation of price. They can use their promotions and prices to attract you to purchase a product. When you enter your bank details that is how they get all your information. They will either use your credit card to perform online transactions or even take all your money.

In a nutshell, Oricoriginal.com cannot be trusted because it might be a scam.



  1. Floyd OBrien says:

    My experience with oricoriginal.com is scam. Mens clothing site is a scam as sales people (under a web site email, disappear off the face of the earth) post sales without any product being delivered.

  2. Saundra Moore says:

    ordered an item from Oric Original on November 8th, 2020, keep getting infor that package is on its way. People are total liars.

  3. Jeffrey Beebe says:

    Have contacted OricOriginal 6x at support@oricoriginal.com. I ordered the item on 11/14 they said it would arrive in 10-14 days.
    They have been saying it is on its way since 12/1, but it never comes.

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