What Is Peraichi.com: Scam Or Legit

What Is Peraichi.com

 Hello guys how are you. Welcome to our review on Peraichi.com. Peraichi.com is a site that creates homepages for free.


What Is Peraichi

Peraichi.com is a site that allows you to create homepages at no cost. If you need a to attract more customers to your site you will need to have a nice  homepage, so for some Peraichi.com is the site for that. However you will not be allowed to use this services for free for that long. If you want to use their services unlimitedly you will need to subscribe which is mandatory. This website is quite popular in Australia and the United States.


How do you create your own homepage

When you visit their site this are the simple easy steps if you want to create your own homepage.

These is the following steps that are found on their site:

  • Visit the official website of Peraichi.
  • Translate the website into English for convenience.
  • On the website, choose a template for your website out of the several options.
  • After selecting the template, insert all the content that must be present on your homepage.
  • After entering the content, publish your page.
  • This website is free for first-time users. If you want to make the most of its tools, purchase a plan.
  • Light, Regular, and Business plans are present in increasing order of pricing.



So Is It A Scam

So some of you might be wondering can this site be trusted. This site was created in 2013 which is a few years back. Since then there hasn’t been any negative reviews about this site on the net.

So we cannot exactly say if it is a scam or not but from the customers that have been using this site we found out that they all had good reviews about their experience.


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