What Is Roymen.com:Is It A scam ?

What Is Roymen.com: Can we trust it ?

Hello guys how are you , we are going to be doing a review on Roymen.com because we believe it might be a scam.Will soon get into details why we believe so right about now.

Age Of  Site

Roymen.com was created on 29-08-2020 which was a few months ago.We have seen that a lot of scam sites  have been created around the period of January 2020 to last month and all sites created around that time cannot be trusted. We urge every one to trust sites that have been active for around a year or more.

In addition, new sites that have been active for less than a year cannot be trusted because they can disappear anytime especially Roymen.com does not give its valued customers evidence that they are going to be operational.


Roymen.com has a lot of good quality products but what raises our suspicion is the price they are going for. More over we believe Roymen.com might be  a scam because their prices are quite low for high quality products that are being sold on this site.

No Address and Cell

There is no address on their site or phone number to locate them. This one of the reasons why believe Roymen.com might be a scam because this makes it difficult to know their actual location. You wouldn’t want to trust a site without a cell number to contact them. The only thing they have is an email .

In conclusion

We believe Roymen.com might be a scam because the site was just created a few months ago and its still new and can’t be trusted, and also they are hiding their location which why Roymen.com can’t be trusted. If they are any sites that you might suspect they might also be scam site share them in the comments.


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