What Is Shoecomfy.com: Real Or Fake

What Is Shoecomfy.com

Hello guys how are you. Welcome to our review on Shoecomfy.com. We have reason to believe that Shoecomfy.com is a scam. Some of you might have ran into this site. We know that this site sells quality products and some of you might be tempted to purchase some. They said that they can offer free shipping, we are sure some of you might be wondering if this site could be trusted. We are going to get more into details why we believe Shoecomfy.com is a scam.





Fake sites are being created almost everyday. So how can you root out  these fake sites you might be asking. Its quite simple, any site that is less than a year old should be trusted atleast if it has been active for a year or more. Note that not all sites that are created around this period might not turn out to be scams but you only have a higher probability of running into this scammers.

Shoecomfy.com was created on 17-07-2020, you can get this information on Whois.icann.org

This therefore proves that Shoecomfy.com is still new. What usually happens with this new sites is that they can disappear at anytime. This is how many lose their money, because they will still be stuck in pending orders.



There Is No Contact Details

They didn’t even bother to put contact details. When you scroll down on their site you will see that there is no “Contact Us” option for customers, meaning that there is no way you could contact them if you experience problems with your orders, which you are more likely to face.



The prices and 15% promotions on their site are traps to lure in more customers. These scammers love to use their price as a way of attracting more customers to their site. Their main goal is to get your bank details and eventually perform credit card fraud.

In a nutshell, Shoecomfy.com should not be trusted because it us a scam.


  1. Donna Neal says:

    I just order from them. What do i do?

    1. admin says:

      Contact your bank and set a dispute

  2. Arvelia Clark says:

    I order a pair of boots from them I try to cancel the order but they didn’t have a number or email. When I went online to get info on how to return a item they didn’t have any information to reach them. This is definitely is a scam. I am glad that I didn’t use my bank card.

  3. Lori L Vecellio says:

    Is this truly a fake site. I just ordered boots. Should I cancel order???

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