What is the “white whale” MSCHF

What is the “White whale”


Lately I have just come across some people who have been talking about the white whale from MSCHF. Maybe you have already come across some of the text messages that have been getting sent to people by other normal people who are claiming to be on a quest to find the white whale or maybe you just want to know what MSCHF is.

This is what we are going to try to discuss below and so if you have an understanding please let us know in the comments sectionwhat your views are and help spread awareness.


MSCHF and the White whale

Firstly let’s talk about MSCHF. This is an app actually and you may be surprised why you got a text about an app. Well it seems like they want to get people’s heads up and in a way advertise their app. The text messages isn’t really from the app but from users of this app. The MSCHF app is where people get rewarded for doing lots of stuff like for example finding the white whale or on challenges such as finger on the app. There are lots of challenges which people will get rewarded for in huge amounts if cash and from what I saw about it it looks fun so you want to go check their app and see how it works.

Well now back to the white whale. The messages you probably got was about finding the white whale. The white whale is something that you get obsessed to find and in this case it could possibly be a number or something because the users are told to just fill in random numbers and send text messages to them and make a conver. Below is a definition of the white whale by MacMillan from a general perspective but if you need the direct meaning you may need to be a user of the app to know what exactly you are looking for.


White whale


something that someone pursues obsessively and with little chance of success

This problem is my white whale perhaps, or some other thing that will never get finished.




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