What is Vglasspro.com:Scam or Legit

What Is Vglasspro.com

 Hello guys how are you, we are going to be doing a review on Vglass.com because we believe its a scam.Will soon get into more details why we believe Vglasspro.com is a scam.


Vglasspro.com was created on 15-07-2020.This is clear evidence showing that this site is just a few months old. We urge all valued customers not to trust new sites especially the ones that have been created any time around this year.

If you want more information about this site you can visit whois.icann.org

New sites cannot be trusted because they are capable of disappearing anytime ,that is why we urge all valued customers to trust sites that have been active atleast for a year or more.

No Contacts

For a site to fully trusted it must have contact details like telephone numbers or a address. Vglass.com dies not have any of this details on their site. This is also another  reason why Vglass.com can  not be trusted.

Sites that hide their contact information cannot be trusted because what is it that they are hiding. Well its simple..its mainly because they are not planning  on sticking around for long. We urge everyone to stay aware of this scam sites.


The prices on this site cannot be trusted because they are too good to be true.For a site that has just started they can’t already be giving 80% discount on their products.

Scammers usually use prices as away to attract more visitors on their site but when you see something similar to this it might be a trap to get your bank card details.

In addition they also use the free shipping package as a way to lure more customers to their site. We urge all valued customers to stay away from sites that might have the same similarities.

In conclusion

Vglasspro.com is a scam

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