What Is Westurnstyle.com: Real Or Fake

What Is Westurnstyle.com

Hello guys how are you welcome to our review on Westurnstyle.com. We strongly believe that this site might be a scam for a number of reasons that is why we are going to get more into details right about now.




The site was created on 11-08-2020 which is a few month’s ago. We urge all valued customers to stay away from new sites for there can be danger to dealing with these new  sites.

The danger  with these new sites is that they can disappear at any time,and some of you might be in pending orders and this leads to you losing both the product and the money. We urge all valued customer to trust sites that have been active atleast for a year or more. For more information about this site:



This sites has no contact details or phsycal address which means can’t be reached. This is also another reason why Westurnstyle.com cannot be trusted because why would they hide their contact info?Moreover, since the site is still new we looked for customer reviews and there was only one.

The customer mentioned that they haven’t received any cofirmation about their order. This is one of the reasons why this scam site should be avoided.


The prices on this site are to attract valued to customers to come and purchase their product, but their major goal is to get your bank details eventually leading to credit card fraud. We urge all valued customers to stay aware of Westurnstyle.com because it is a scam site.

In conclusion

Westurnstyle.con cannot be trusted because it is a scam site. Reason being firstly the site is still young ,secondly there I no phone number or physical address ,this why Westurnstyle.com shouldn’t be trusted.

In a nutshell Westurnstyle.com is a scam.

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