What Is Xboxpsgames.com: Real Or Fake

What Is Xboxpsgames.com

Hello guys how are you. Welcome to our preview on Xboxpsgames.com. We have reason to believe that this site might be a scam. Many video games lovers might have have come across this site and you might have wanted to purchases a product but you were still wondering if this site was a scam or not. It is quite normal to suspect this sites as they can turn out to be scams. We are going to give you more information why we believe this site might be a scam right about now.




Xboxpsgames.com was created on 17-07-2020. This proves that this site might be a scam because it is new. Usually new sites cannot be trusted because most of the time they can turn out to be scams. What usually happens with this new sites they can disappear at anytime and some of you might still be stuck in pending orders.

Note that not all new sites can turn out to be scam sites. Its just that you have a high chance of running into this scammers. We urge all valued customers to put their trust in sites that have been active atleast for a year or more.




When you scroll down below you will see that have indicated that they get their products from Sony.For a site that is working with Sony that should atleast put their address and phone number and not to mention that they are selling products that are not even out yet.

We urge all valued customers to stay aware of this sites as they can trick you into believing that they have all the products you need.

In addition Xboxpsgames.com might be  a scam because they have refused to put more information about them.

If you are a gamer, we think it would be best for you to purchase this products on trusted sites like Amazon Or other trusted sites.

In conclusion Xboxpsgames.com might be a scam.




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