review : Is it real or fake

What is

How are you guys,we going to be doing a review on believe that this site is a scam for number of reasons and we will be sharing this reasons with you shortly. If there is anyone who has visited this site and had a good experience with this site please let us know in the comments.


We believe is a scam ,firstly because of thier age.You can personally check the age of the site on site was created on the 22-05-2020 and it is going to expire on the same date in 2021.This site is relatively new and it can’t be trusted.

More over thier address has only a country and city but no residential address which make it hard to locate them.


You Can’t Trust New Sites


New sites can’t be trusted because they do not give us the garrantee that they are going last especially since their expiration date is around the corner.New sites are being created almost everyday and we should beware of this new sites for they can be scam sites.


Their Contact details can’t be trusted

I tried calling their number that they used to register on who and it is going straight to voice mail,not to mention that the address that they have only has a country name and city name meaning they can’t be trusted because who are are you going to contact or where are you going to visit if you have a problem with their services.

Sites like this one has given many valued customers problems because their main agenda is to promise you gifts and then they will ask you to pay $1 to finish the processing and that is how they get your bank details.

In conclusion is a scam and it can’t be trusted



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