xorive.com : scam or legit?

In a world where it’s now possible to rent a movie or subscribe to an online site that you can get movies from after paying a monthly fee instead of going to the cinema to watch a movie, some scammers have taken it upon themselves to scam people. This is done when you fill in your account details and they keep taking money from the account without your authorization. They take more money than what you agreed to pay.

Xorive.com is one of these online movie store wanting to imitate sites like Netflix but scamming people in the process. This review is to help you see some of the scam signs that you’d normally ignore.


Scam sign 1

Apparently this site didn’t not put it’s phone number so that people can call it or trace it. The address on the website is fake and also no response if you email them on the stated email address. This is so as to cover their tracks so that they may never be found when someone looks for them.

Scam sign 2

The price for subscription is insanely low to be a monthly payment for movie rentals. This is done to lure customer’s into subscribing to a site that is cheaper and after filling in the account details they withdraw more than originally agreed upon and most people are saying it’s difficult to cancel the subscription so they keep deducting money from the account.

Scam sign 3

Looking up this site on https://lookup.icann.org/lookup you’d see that this online store on the DNSSEC information the delegation didn’t sign that part, this makes us doubt it’s authenticity.


This site is undoubtedly a scam and stealing people’s money. This review was done after several complaints were made regarding how this site. if you have had any experience with this site let us know how it went.Stay woke.


  1. Ron Prasuhn says:

    Did a WhoIs search on the IP Address: which came up with information on a site that doesn’t even show ‘Xorive’ in any of the data for the entity this IP address is registered to; thus leading me to believe this is definitely a SCAM/Bogus site, although they do have 56 movies listed for folks to watch with a $1.99 for 3 days trial period before being charges a $109.97 annual membership fee. Even the better more reputable movie sites don’t charge anywhere near that much a year for membership and full services.
    The have NO numbers or other contact info listed on the site. Says ‘Contact Us’ but when clicked on…it takes you to a log in page; and no where in the movie app itself is there any way to contact Site Admin or get to any Help page or other site information pages. Only gives access to TOS, Privacy Policy and Return Policy information. Nothing more.

    1. RONDELL L WHITE says:

      My account was charged $59 and gave me a number to call. 888-390-6501. I told them I was suppose to be charged $1.99 and they said I was charged a one time payment for a year. I thought that would be ok but I can’t watch any of the movies. I tried calling back and they won’t answer.

    2. Russ says:

      I signed up for this they charged me $1.99 then it says I’m not registered after I had received a email that I was registered when trying to login the site not sure what’s going on with this site?

  2. Mary says:

    I was signed up for a raffle that some how was a direct link to these people and they took $59.00 from my social security account card Direct Express debit card. I did not request thier movie offer. I called twice now demanding my money vack and they said 1/2 now and the email should explane the rest. I said no I want it alk now he said ge coud not do that . I demanded a supervisor none there. Liers they are not even in our country. Calling back again now that I read alk these reports. Wish a old lady luck.

  3. Debra Cavanaugh says:

    Can’t find site–xorive movies

  4. Mahlon L Reynolds says:

    Please cancel my membership

  5. Tommie Browning says:

    I am not in the trusting mood right now , I let my guard down for a few seconds and then find I’m getting scamed. although I paid with a debit card and called my bank to let them know so I won’t be charged

  6. Tracey says:

    They got me

  7. James C. Ballantyne, Jr. says:

    Did a search for xorive before entering. I won a “FREE” Playstation 5. I went to fill out claim and they needed my credit card to claim the “FREE” prize. I smelled a scam and was surprised they used the cover of representing my service provider, Carolina Connect. Thank you for having this post.

  8. Howard Horton says:

    This all started with my supposedly getting a free iPhone 12, quickly forgotten. So I went for the free/1.99 3day2day trial of this bs movie site. I feelnike an idiot. At best the interwebbedfeetduct is 5 percent honest. Is there any way to cancel NOW? How do these filthy Mfin’ Slimebag guttersnipes keep on getting away with this? People are beingsabotaged and lied to and have money stolen.id love ❤️ to stick a RotoRooter up any of these creeps’ butts!!!!!

  9. MICHAEL GAVIN says:

    I found a phone number. Actually talked to someone. Found out i got screwed out of $60 . I cant get it back , no “free Playstation ” just a chance to win one . Which im sure isn’t really even a thing . I’ll be calling my bank and blocking them but im pretty sure i won’t get my money back

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