YaGood Technologies Scam

Wondering if yagood technologies is a scam? Have you seen the name yagood technologies somewhere when you made an online purchase?. Well yagood technologies has raised a lot of suspicions. A lot of people want to know more about this site, others want to know if it can be trusted, others want to understand how it is linked to the online stores that they purchased from. If you are one of these people and you really want to know about yagood technologies, keep reading this review and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on it afterwards.

Now let us take a look at what yagood technologies is and what they are all about


What is yagood technologies?

Yagood technologies is a Hong Kong based company that is linked to a lot of scam sites. Yagood technologies was incorporated as a private company limited by shares on the 29th of April 2019. Yagood technologies is a company that is being fraudulent and so we decided to look deeply into it.


online scam stores linked to yagood technologies

  • enjoyitem.com
  • sopertoot.com
  • shengyun.shop
  • zuinic.com

We have only mentioned a few scam sites linked to yagood technologies. Please share with us other sites that you know that are linked to this fraudulent company.


Scam signs shown by yagood technologies

Yagood technologies has very bad customer reviews. 

Some of its customers have compained that after they made their purchases on yagood technologies, the items they ordered never arrived. When they request for a tracking code, they are given one that indicates that their order has arrived. The problem is the address will be a different one. This then make it hard for customers to claim for their money from credit card companies because tracking codes will be showing that the order arrived.

Yagood technologies uses online scam stores

When customers make purchases at certain online stores, they notice that their goods would have been credited to yagood technologies instead of the store they made a purchase from. This is really sketchy. These fake online stores usually use low prices to lure a number of people into their scam

To check out the whois details of the scam stores linked to yagood technologies click here. If you visit these sites, you might notice a lot of similar scam signs.



Yagood technologies is a scam. You should first do some research on a store before you shop. If it is linked to yagood technologies stay away from it. If it is similar to some of the sites linked to yagood technologies, stay away from it. Please share with us your thoughts and experiences concerning yagood technologies in the comments section below.

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