Your Driver records have been pulled scam text message

About the Driver Records scam texts

Lately there have been lots of people who have been asking about some text messages that they have been receiving about their Driver Records. If you want to know about these text messages then we hope this short review will be of some help and we hope to hear what you also have to say about these text messages and which one you have received because they are quite a number of them. What is the driver record scam texts? Is it a Scam, real, legit, fake, fraudulent, good or bad? We are just about to find out.


Is it a Scam?

These text messages are 100% fake and fraudulent, it is only just a matter of how they choose to scam you. There are thousands of different scam.texts that are currently being sent to different people in different states claiming they are from Banks or governments and stuff like that. People have been getting warned by the government and police not to click these links or to give these scammers any details that they may ask for. They may make you make some payments and in the process steal your credit card details or over charge you. At times they make you complete some reviews which will earn them some money.



The links you click will lead you to some suspicious and risky sites. Do not click on these links. The sites might at times even contain malware software which is harmful to your devices. If you get ant text like this be sure to ignore them or at least don’t click on the links or call any number they tell you to or send text messages ad these are at times premium rate numbers so you will get charged quite a lot.

Good luck

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