ZoloUs.com Review : Is it a scam or not?


If you are reading this review, im sure you have already come across ZoloUs.com. You probably want to know if ZoloUs.com is a legit site or if its a scam. In this review we will be looking into ZoloUs.com and see if we can come up with a final conclusion.

What is ZoloUs.com?

ZoloUs.com is an online community of friends that aspire to live in a sustainable way. ZoloUs.com uses a cryptocurrency called the Hydra. The members of ZoloUs.com are said to be able to receive, transfer and invest. They also say that the Hydra will soon be exachanged in another currency.

Why you have to be alert…

ZoloUs.com makes a lot of great promises and claims. They are too good to be true. ZoloUs.com says an individual can get about 380 hydras daily as a member. The individuals are supposed to get these hydras without reffering other people or investing. How can you be given money juet for joining the ZoloUs community of friends. Real money rarely comes that easy so you should be alert.

ZoloUs.com is making all those great promises to people meaning they have it all figured out right? So then why are they constantly begging for donations to their community? If they need donations, do you think they will be able to fufill their promises? Thats food for thought.

ZoloUs.com offers money without any investment necessary right? A lot of people have been saying so what of its a scam, we do not have anything to lose after all. I think you are losing your precious time and also wasting your data or wifi that you could be using on sonething you can trust more.

The ZoloUs.com website’s domain name was created on the 17th of September 2019. They are not too new, but then again they do not really have something solid to convince us that they are a legit site.




These are just my thoughts, i think ZoloUs.com is a site that we cannot fully trust. Share with us what you think about ZoloUs.com, let us help each other understand more on whether we should trust ZoloUs.com or not

Good luck

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